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The Uk's only gin pairing subscription box and so much more. If you love gin you're in the right place...


Subscription Box

3 flavours packed full of botanicals & garnishes delivered through your door each month.

Enhance your drinking experience with unique flavours and garnishes.

Our lovely packaged boxes have everything you need to begin your journey into creating your perfect beverage. 

When you sign up for our monthly subscription box you will receive our unique combination of botanicals and garnishes straight through your door. These will include whole slices of citrus and other fruits, flowers, berries, and spices, carefully chosen and hand packaged to compliment your gin and mixer perfectly.

All our packaging is specially selected to have as little impact on the environment as possible, helping reduce the use of plastics we also include 12 Biodegradable drinks straws crafted from REPA to enhance your drinking experience.

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Choose either, the one off purchase or sign up for our amazing offers with our 3, 6 and 12 month subscription deals.

To ensure you are not waiting long, we take payment twice a month on 1st and 16th of each month with our subscription deals, and take one off payments, which ever suits you best.

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We Post

All purchases include postage and packing and our aim is to get them to you, within 3-5 working days after the payment date.

No need to wait in for the post man, all our subscription boxes are designed to fit through a standard letter box.

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You Drink

Follow our drink suggestions or create your own drink using your gin lovers pairing box.

Add lashing of ice in your favourite glass and add the botanicals. Each botanical and garnish will be more than enough for two drinks.

Gin,  but so much better.

Each monthly subscription box contains;

  • Three well thought out flavour combinations each month, bringing you a combination of tastes from the classic to the exotic.
  • Each flavour combination has a minimum of 3 ingredients all packaged separately, wherever possible we use eco-friendly bags that are  100% compostable.
  • An individual product guide, with full instructions of how to get the best from our monthly selection.
  • 12 Biodegradable drinks straws crafted from REPA (ground down seashells).