We were simply born

to bring you creative,

fabulous flavour combinations.

How our story began

As a busy working woman who loves to entertain and impress my guests, I was looking for some high-quality gin botanicals and garnishes to improve the look and flavour of the gins I planned to serve.

I could not find what I was looking for and identified a gap in the market.

I called Ashleigh who works in digital marketing and discussed with her as we share a love of gin, travel and entertaining. Following a lot of research and early morning phone calls, Club Botanical took shape.

We have very different work experiences and skills, but between us we make the perfect working partnership. Creating our monthly flavour combinations, especially the trials is our new passion. The story is only just beginning and we are developing new products and batting about ideas constantly.

Our uniquely different strengths and experiences, as well as our shared passions, create the perfect working partnership. Just as our garnishes and botanical combinations pair perfectly with your gin and mixers, helping you love gin as much as we do.