Sunshine Box


Exotic and refreshing flavours are blowing in like a warm breeze with taste inspiration from all over the globe. Discover new flavours and show off your tropical style drinks with the Sunshine box.


J’adore la lavande – Apple, lavender and juniper.

Evenings from the East – Lime, coriander and coconut.

The pink Pina – pineapple, chilli and juniper.



What’s in the box?

  • 3 well thought out flavour combinations that just screams summer, bringing you a combination of tastes from the classic to the exotic.
  • Each flavour combination has a minimum of 3 ingredients all packaged separately, wherever possible we use biodegradable materials
  • An individual product guide, with full instructions of how to get the best from our monthly selection and which type of gin and mixer goes best.
  • 12 Biodegradable drinks straws crafted from REPA which is ground down seashells.


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